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Will Vinton Studios (formerly known as Will Vinton Productions, Inc.) was an animation production company by Will Vinton, formed in 1975. It was closed in 2002.

1st Logo (July 18, 1980-April 1992)

Visuals: On a black/gray gradient background is the text "WILL VINTON PRODUCTIONS" in gold with a smaller "INC." on its side at the end. The text is between two pairs of lines with a star at the top line. After a few seconds, "Claymation" is written out in blue below. A registered trademark "®" symbol is added at the end. This is mainly used at the beginning of Vinton's programs.


  • There is an in-credit variant that ends with the logo on a black background. The company name is in blue, and "Claymation" and the star are orange. The ® is also much smaller, and near the top of the N.
  • On A Claymation Christmas Celebration, the logo is on a black/red background, and the company name is in green.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A flourishing synth fanfare with a "ding" as the "®" is added. The in-credit version uses the end theme of the show.

Audio Variant: There is a musical variation on The Raisins Sold Out, which consists of an ascending piano tune, ending with a voice saying "R" as the registered trademark symbol appears.

Availability: Can be seen on old tapes of Will Vinton claymation specials, such as those with the California Raisins.

2nd Logo (1993-2003)

Visuals: On a gray/white gradient background is the text:


in purple. "Will Vinton" is written in a sparkling script font similar to the Walt Disney logo, while "Studios" is sandwiched between two red lines.

Variant: On The Online Adventures of Ozzie the Elf, the logo (without the sparkling) is on a plain white background with "A" and "Production".

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on TV shows and specials of the time, such as The PJs and Gary & Mike. It also appears on the pilot Slacker Cats.

Will Vinton Studios
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