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Wide Eye Media was the main cinema advertising company in Ireland. It was formed in March 2014 from the Irish operations of Carlton Screen Advertising, which split off its British counterpart in December 2008 and was sold in May 2009 to a media consortium led by Dermot Hanrahan. In September 2022, parent company Willowbrook Investments (also owner of Pearl & Dean in the UK) rebranded the company to Pearl & Dean Ireland.

Trailer (March 2014-September 2022)

Visuals: On a black background is the Wide Eye Media logo forming. Then, it explodes, and the screen zooms out of it. We then rapidly zoom into the eye, and we travel through space, only to zoom into a blue flower that takes us to a different space background with many dandelions planted. The petals of one dandelion then fly into a dark red background and create a bloodstream that leads to the sea, where a whale jumps out of the sea and back into it. The splash transitions to the earth zooming out and the view then turns to reveal hair raising from the human skin. The screen zooms out of the eye as the words "WIDE EYE MEDIA" appear. The slogan appears under the logo, which says "See it. Hear it. Feel it."

Variant: There is a shortened version more often played in cinemas as of recent, where the flower scene cuts straight to the end, with the slogan already being complete.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Sounds that accompany the logo, such as water splashes, whooshes, heartbeats etc.

Availability: It was seen in Irish cinemas until September 2022, after which it was replaced with the current Pearl & Dean opener.

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Wide Eye Media
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