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Weton~Wesgram was a Dutch multimedia company that had distributed multiple budget titles. The company also ran a children's label, Kidstuff Kindervideo.

Logo (1987-1990s)

Visuals: On a white background, the Weton~Wesgram logo, which is a abstract "wg" made up of turquoise and purple lines, slides back and forth at a rapid speed before settling down. "Weton Wesgram" then fades in with a particle effect as a "~" flies into the space of the 2 words, acting as a hyphen. "Presenteert" appears below. The logo then cuts to the Kidstuff Kindervideo logo.

Variant: On earlier releases, "ism" is seen below as well as the Penta Video logo outlined in green.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A horribly squeaky and loud trumpet (like the trumpet "scream" at the end of Muppet Babies) is heard at the start of the logo. This is followed by a medieval-esque tune which plays twice, trailing off into the Kidstuff Kindervideo logo.

Audio Variant: On the early variant, the medieval tune is only heard once.

Availability: Seen on VHSs released under the Kidstuff Kindervideo label. [Examples?]

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