Walter Presents

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Walter Presents is a VOD service functioning as part of Channel 4's All 4 online platform. The service was launched on January 3, 2016 as a partnership between Channel 4 and Global Series Network to specialize in foreign language dramas and comedies. It was initially available to the UK before expanding to the United States, Australia, Italy, and the Nordic regions in the coming years. The service's name is a nod to the 1982 film Walter, the first feature film released by Channel 4.

Logo (5 December 2015-)

Visuals: On a deep carmine background, there is a white, cursive "W" with a loop on its right hairline writing itself from the left. Afterwards, a white dot emerges from the right of the "W" and then a white circle expands from the center, inverting both the "W" and the dot. "WALTER PRESENTS" slides and fades in one word at a time.


  • On programs co-produced by Channel 4, the byline "From Channel 4" slide and fades in at the bottom of the page.
  • At the end of shows co-produced by PBS, the logo appears between "WALTER PRESENTS" and "IS A PROUD DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION PARTNER OF PBS".

Technique: 2D animation by Multi.

Audio: The sounds of a pencil drawing, and then a drum beat.

Availability: It was first seen in December 2015 across Multi's social media accounts. It has since been seen on The Lawyer (Advokaten), Deliver Us, Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders, and more from the service.

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