Walt Disney Mini Classics ("Collect Them All" Bumper)

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Bumper (November 1, 1988-June 4, 1991)

Visuals: On a blue-black gradient background, there is at the top of the screen the completed Walt Disney Mini-Classics logo on the left and the words "Collect Them All!" on the right in what appears to be the Balloon font (the same used in the pre-2009 Nickelodeon logo). Below it is a list of titles in the Mini-Classics series.


  • On the 1988 VHS of The Wind in the Willows, it is a still screen without any animation beyond fading in and out. The titles listed are Mickey's Magical World (italicized in gold), Donald in Mathmagic Land (purple in a saloon font), Mickey and the Beanstalk (in a whimsical yellow font with "and the" smaller than the rest of the words), The Reluctant Dragon (in a medieval shiny blue-green font), and The Wind in the Willows (in a blue font similar to the one Mickey's Magical World uses and without the word "The" at the beginning).
  • On the May 1989 VHS releases of Ben and Me and Bongo, the titles are more spaced out and the first screen crossfades into another screen of titles. The first screen is the same as the last bumper, but "Wind in the Willows" is moved over to the next screen and now is shown properly as "The Wind in the Willows". The two new titles listed on that one are Ben and Me (all-caps in a fancy gold font with "AND" sandwiched two lines) and Bongo (all-caps in red).
  • On the September 1989 VHS releases of Mickey's Christmas Carol and the four Winnie the Pooh featurettes, another screen is added and the titles now fade in and out instead of crossfading. The first two screen remain the same, but the second screen now has Mickey's Christmas Carol (green in a fancy font) listed underneath Bongo. The third screen has Winnie the Pooh and the names of the four shorts (And the Honey Tree, And the Blustery Day, And Tigger Too, and A Day for Eeyore) listed in a whitish-yellow rounded font, with the shorts' names listed in all-caps.
  • On the 1991 VHS releases of Peter and the Wolf, Willie the Operatic Whale, and The Prince and the Pauper, the titles fade in and out faster and two more screens are added. The first three otherwise remain the same with no changes. The titles listed on the second-to-last screen are The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (in a ghostly blue font), The Small One (red with "The" on top of "Small"), and Willie the Operatic Whale (allcaps in a plain orange font). The titles listed on the final screen are The Prince and the Pauper (magenta and all-caps in an arched font with "THE" in tiny letters above "PRINCE", and "AND THE" stacked in between "PRINCE" and "PAUPER") and Peter and the Wolf (all-caps in a purple, stencil-like font with "AND THE" sandwiched between "PETER" and "WOLF").

Technique: Fading effects.


  • October 4, 1988: A dreamy tune consisting of ringing bells, with the last one left echoing until the fade-out.
  • May 9, 1989: A shortened version of the Walt Disney Mini-Classics logo music.
  • September 28, 1989-June 7, 1991: A soft, jolly dance tune, which was taken from the 1936 Mickey Mouse short Thru the Mirror.

Availability: The respective variants are seen on all the titles above. It makes a surprise appearance at the end of the 1996 VHS of The Wind in the Willows.

Legacy: A memorable bumper among many who grew up with the Mini-Classics line of titles. The music on the first variant, however, has been described to be rather loud and eerie by a few viewers, especially with the echoing at the end trailing into the black background, but it shouldn't frighten anyone else at all.

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