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Wakaliwood, also known as Ramon Film Productions, is a Ugandan film studio that was founded by Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana (a.k.a Nabwana I.G.G.) in 2005 in the slum of Wakaliga, located in Uganda's capital city of Kampala. It is known for bringing low-budget exploitative action movies to the Ugandan film market. Its most known work is Who Killed Captain Alex?.

Ramon Film Productions

1st Logo (January 30, 2010)

Visuals: On a black background, we see, below white text listing the company's phone number, the logo for Ramon Film Productions, which is a seafoam green combination of the letters "R", "P" and "F". After approximately five seconds, blue text reading "RAMON FILM PRODUCTIONS" appears below the logo before the letters of the text quickly enlarge and shrink one-by-one, this repeating once.

Technique: Flash animation.

Audio: The trailer's audio. For the scene with the logo, a suspenseful music piece accompanied by the narration of two video jokers, one of which sounds high-pitched.

Availability: Seen on the trailer for Who Killed Captain Alex?.

2nd Logo (March 1, 2010, September 25, 2016)

Visuals: On a dark blue background with a light blue sunburst at the top right, we see dozens of glass pieces fly and merge into the company's logo, with "RP" in a tube missing a portion of its lower right side and "RAMON FILM PRODUCTIONS" underneath the "P" in the tube shape. This happens while many smaller cube pieces in white, light blue, and light red fly across the formation as well as light streaks in the same color palette as the small cubes flashing as the glass pieces merge into the logo. Multiple shots of this formation are also shown, showing two sunbursts from both sides adjacent to the logo. After the formation is complete, another logo flies into the shot. Here, we see "RPF" merged together and "RAMON FILM PRODUCTIONS" underneath as the bottom letters change in size, which repeats for the rest of the logo. Meanwhile in the background, the whole shot zooms in and dips to black, making the company's phone number to slide in from the left and underneath the company's name. Suddenly, the logo drastically and choppily slows down while white flashes appear, eventually transitioning the logo to the opening credits.

Technique: CGI and Flash animation.

Audio: Forming sounds are heard while VJ Emmie says "Yes yes, OK. This is VJ Emmie, live in the studios from Wakaliwood, Uganda. Get ready. Ramon Film Productions. Yah, yah, yah, OK. Tighten your seatbelts."

Availability: Seen on Who Killed Captain Alex and Bad Black. The original version of Who Killed Captain Alex was lost due to a power outage, so the only way to watch it nowadays is the "VJ" (video joker) version of the film, which has a male commentator named Emmie commenting over the film, translating words into English, and making random jokes.

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