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WOHL-CD, operated on channel 35 is a low-power, Class A television station in Lima, Ohio, affiliated with both ABC and CBS. The station's owned by Block Communications, which also owns its sister station, WLIO-TV, a full-power dual NBC/FOX-affiliated station that's also in Lima.

1st Logo (2002)

Visuals: Against a blue background with waves moving around, a rectangle, which has a white rectangle on the left that has the word "FOX" on it; a blue square on the right which has the number "25"; a black rectangle below that has the yellow words "WOHL" and "LIMA" respectively on the left and right, with the tiny word "LP" next to "WOHL"; and a really thin white rectangle at the bottom; zooms in to the center.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A whoosh is heard at the start, and then a techno tune plays, and couple with the announcer saying: "WOHL, Lima's Fox station".

2nd Logo (2022?-)

Note: The idents are seen on 0:10 in the video.

Visuals: There are two variants:

  • CBS: On a gold background, the text "CBS LIMA" with the CBS logo next to it, fades in and zooms out to the center. It then slides down, and a big circle slides up from the text, which has the text "YOUR HOMETOWN STATIONS" at the top, the four networks that both Lima stations are affiliated with (NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC) in yellow at the bottom, and a line at the middle.
  • ABC: Same as the CBS variant, but now the color for the background, the "YOUR HOMETOWN STATIONS" text and the four networks are now changed to red, the text "CBS LIMA" is changed to "ABC LIMA", and the CBS logo that's next to the same word is changed to the ABC logo.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A cheerful piano, guitar and clap tune, with an announcer saying in both variants.

Audio Variants:

  • CBS: In this variant, the announcer says: "You're watching CBS Lima, part of your hometown Lima stations.".
  • ABC: Here, the announcer says: "You're watching ABC Lima, part of your hometown Lima stations".
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