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WNYB-TV, operated on channel 49, was an independent television station in Buffalo, New York that was owned by Buffalo Sabres, and first aired in 1987. After two years of independent broadcasting, the station became a Fox affiliate and replaced the network's former station, WUTV, but due to the money lost of $6 million on the station after the replacement, the Sabres sold the station to TCT and took over channel 49 on July 1990, while the station's programming and Fox affiliation got merged back to WUTV. Then five years later, TCT made a deal with Grant Broadcasting, which would see Grant buy channel 49 from TCT, and in 1996, the station became a The WB affiliate and returned to commercial broadcasting as WNYO-TV.

1st ID (1987-1989)

Visuals: On a nighttime background, which has lots of stars in the sky and an ocean at the bottom with waters moving on it, two purple lines with circles that resembling a bubble at the top, draws a segment of the number "4" in neon green. Two purple lines then draws an another segment to complete the number itself. Four other same lines then do the same thing as the former four, but now to draw the number "9" and form the station's number, "49". The color then turns to brown on the number, and the word "WNYB-TV" with the small word "BUFFALO" below wipes in with particles effect at the bottom. The number "49" and both of the words soon zooms out to the top right, and the italic text "BUFFALO'S SUPER STATION" with Buffalo Sabres' logo comes from the bottom to the middle respectively at both the left & the right.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare, with the announcer saying "WNYB, TV 49, Buffalo's Superstation".

2nd ID (1989-1990)

Visuals: On a blue background with the text "WNYB-TV" pasted all over the place in a diagonal direction, two silver "L" shaped objects appears at the left and zooms out, two silver lines both from the top & the bottom fly to the middle, the silver number "9" from the last logo zooms out from the right while rotating itself, and a circular object also comes in from the right while turning 90° with its surface resembling a globe. And after a few seconds later, the "L" shaped objects with the lines form the number "4", alongside the number "9" next to it to complete the station's number. The circular object is behind the number, and the silver text "WNYB-TV" zooms out below while rotating. The white word "BUFFALO" the fades in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the last one.

3rd ID (1990?-1996)

Visuals: Against a blue background, the gold word "TCT" rises with the camera panning to the right of it, then move down to the bottom while graudually shrinks down in size. And while the word is moving down, all at the same time, a circle flips itself and moves to the center; a Christian cross flashes itself in above; and a triangle with one of its line being curved, appears and moves from the left while turning itself to make it vertical; with all of the objects being colored gold and moving to the center. The "TCT" word then turns itself to face horizontally to the screen and lands on the bottom of the circle. The christian cross after that shines and creates lines around it, and some flashes occurs multiple times, at both the cross, the circle, and the second letter "T" from right to left. All of it then moves to the bottom left, the gold number "49" flying to the right and rotates itself. And while flying in, a transparent rectangle slides in from the left, with the "49" then lands on at the right of it, and the italic light blue text "TCT NETWORK " flips in below. The two white texts of the station with its translator and both of them' locations ("WNYB-TV BUFFALO" and "W59BV ROCHESTER") then fades in at the left of the rectangle. The logo then stays on the screen for about fifteen seconds before fading out.

Technique: Both CGI and 2D animation are being used.

Audio: A relaxing synth tune is heard at the beginning, and then a cheerful fanfare at the middle, along with the announcer saying: "This is the TCT Network, WNYB-TV 49 Buffalo, Toronto, Rochester".