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VideoLeader is a Northern European DVD company that was shut down and probably a Latvian based home video distributor.

Logo (2000s)

Visuals: At dawn with gold/purple tint, the screen pans over the snowy landscape as the tint turns blue. Out of one of snow dunes erupts a bumpy golden pyramid with the Video Leader logo (an abstract "VL" with "VIDEO LEADER" in the futuristic font below), with the front face in bumpy silver, embedded through, as snow on it melts. After few seconds, everything, including the pyramid, zoom out as the vignette gets bigger, so big that the company name becomes barely visible. The pyramid, as well as the snow around, fade to black and gets outlined in gold. At the same time, the same "VIDEO LEADER", albeit in gold, zooms out one-by-one below, followed by the same VL monogram forming over the pyramid, as they glow. The orange bar with the URL, sweeps in from the right below the name.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth tune with a quiet synth arpeggio playing in the scale of C-major a la "Star Games" by George Fenton and Kenneth Freeman, accompanied by rumbles, transitioning into a piano arpeggio, ending with a single E-major choir a la the Windows 98 logon sound (composed by Ken Kato). Several synth bells are followed by afterwards.

Availability: Unknown.

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