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Visual Sciences Operating System or simply "ViSOS", was one of the Visual Sciences' technologies that was used in games that it developed.

Logo (12 December 1997-30 November 1998)

Visuals: Against a white background, the acronym "ViSOS" appears in different letter fonts. Then, the same word appears letter-by-letter in a green typewriter font. A second later, the logo, which is a outline circle with "V" inside it with two lines on the left and right sides of it, zooms out and hits the screen.

Variant: On Formula 1 '98 during the game's intro, many of the logo's symbol appears against the finish flag background floating. The words, "using ViSOS technology" with "ViSOS" in its corporate font appears below them. Then they fade out, causing the Visual Sciences logo to appear.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Jackhammer sound effects and slamming sounds. In the latter case, the opening theme of the game is heard.

Availability: The normal version appears on the PlayStation version of Grand Theft Auto. The variant appears on Formula 1 '98.

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