VeneVista Video

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VeneVista Video was a brand name used by Video-Rodven to distribute titles from Walt Disney Home Video (as well as Touchstone Home Video and Hollywood Pictures Home Video) in Venezuela.

Logo (1988-Early 2000s?)

Visuals: Against a black background, the red word "VeneVista" (in the Disney font) writes itself in a fashion similar to Walt Disney Home Video's 1986 logo. Below, a red bar with VIDEO in white zooms out. A white wand appears and dots the "i", then the Rodven logo appears, with "UNA COMPAÑIA RODVEN" flipping in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The tail end of the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video logo's music.

Availability: Seen on Venezuelan Disney/Touchstone/Hollywood tapes of the time. [Examples?] Despite the 1986 logo largely being phased out by the 90s, the logo continued to be used well into the early 2000s, an example being the 2002 VHS of The Aristocats (Los Aristogatos), which you can see here.

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