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Vauhini Studios was an Indian Telugu-language film production company, and one of the largest production houses in South Asia at that time. It was founded by film producer Moola Narayana Swamy, known for his works in Telugu cinema & Moola Venkata Rangaiah. In later years, B. Nagi Reddy acquired Vauhini Studios and later merged it & named it Vijaya Vauhini Studios.

Logo (April 1, 1939-March 19, 1969)


  • Opening variant: There is a coast against the sunset. Suddenly, a drawing of a girl holding a torch and riding a pegasus, below a set of mountains, rises from the lower part of the coast. The mountains then scroll down to show a set of text reading:

Pictures Ltd.

  • Closing variant: On a dark background (or the closing background of the movie), there's a circle where we read "VAUHINI PICTURES, LTD · MADRAS ·", "THEVAUHINI PICTURES, LTD · MADRAS ·", "VAUHINI PICTURES (PRIVATE) LTD · MADRAS ·", depending of the movie. Inside the circle, we see the girls with the torch above the pegasus.

Trivia: That background of the sea, and the way everything appears in the drawing, is taken from the intro of the first film of this company: Vande Mataram.

Variant: In the company's future films, the part in which the text appears is cut out, but it appears very briefly and is cut rather cheapily in Bhakta Potana.

Technique: A mix of live-action, 2D animation, and chroma keying.

Audio: Usually the opening or closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on films like Vandee Mataram, Bhakta Potana, and Rangula Ratman.

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