Varuna Films Creations

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Logo (March 13, 1979-March 30, 1985)

Visuals: The sequence starts with two sets of clouds slowly reaching towards each other against a stormy background. Suddenly, bolts of lightning rip through the sky (similar to the one used in the Dharma Vijaya Pictures logo), causing a bunch of rain to start appearing, and even more bolts of lightning appears not so long after. After that, 2D-animated rain droplets form the company's name letter-by-letter in the color blue and once that is complete, "CHIKMAGALUR" appears below the company name letter-by-letter.

Later Variant: Starting in 1981, the company’s name has been changed to “VARUNA FILMS CREATIONS”. It is also in a different font. The lightning animation is also different.

Technique: A mix of cel animation and live action.

Audio: Windy sounds at the beginning, which is followed by a bunch of thunder sounds, and an eerie 11-note bell theme which is synced to the company name forming with a few more bell strums at the end.

Audio Variant: For the later variant, the bell theme is played twice to give time for the word “CREATIONS”.

Availability: This was seen on Putaani Agent 123, Prachanda Putanigalu, Nyaya Gedditu, Prema Yuddha and Thrishula.

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