VTR Distributor

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Logo (2001-2005)

Visuals: A flash first appears against a dark environment to reveal a bunch of rotating blue lights and a globe zooming from the camera. Then, the letters of "VTR" fly in from the bottom right, the bottom, and the bottom left sides of the screen respectively and settle. The screen then flashes, and two lights pass through the top and bottom of the letters respectively. Then, either "Presents" or "Distributor" flashes in under the "T".


  • A variant of the "Presents" variant exists, where "呈獻" fades in under the text.
  • A Malay variant exists where cropped footage of the background in action with "Mempersembahkan" on it fades in over the text that flashes in under the letters.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An eight-note bombastic electronic fanfare, accompanied by thud and sting noises.

Availability: Seen on releases from the company, such as Seleksi Istimewa MTV Karaoke Kartika and their prints of Cinta Silang Kata.

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