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Who am I?

- I am VPJHuk, though you can refer to me as just VPJ. - I am a logo hunter from Finland and a writer in the wiki. - I also am a Discord moderator of the Audiovisual Identity Database!

My Finds: Where Do I Find Them?

This is just the gist of things, but it can be any of this. This is a rather old list but oh well

  • My finds are usually from early DVD's, VHS' or lower. I like older stuff! :P
  • Usually, the stuff I find are from either one of these:
  • Obscure logos (Universal Newsreels for example)
  • Obscure/International/Blank VHS tapes (BBC Video "Tasties" variant for example)
  • Promotional material on DVD's and VHS's (relating to the obscure VHS/DVD's) (GoodTimes Entertainment Feature Presentation variant for example)
  • Film prints (Paramount Pictures Swedish closing variants for example)
  • Sometimes on VHS tapes that I own (Such as the Tom Cruise - Cocktail plaster)

MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (prepare for a lot of bragging, I'm sorry)

  • Promoted to writer on WF October 17th, 2019
  • My first featured thread December 6th, 2019
  • Promoted to moderator on the AVID Discord March 28th, 2023
  • Last featured photo of 2019, uploaded on December 22nd. (WF)
  • First and second featured photo of 2020. These were both uploaded January 3rd. (WF)
  • Many rare variants discovered. (Example: The dual-Disney-owned combo (Showcase '91))
  • 2 Viacom Pinball finds in the same day (twice)
  • A lost logo discovery (Warner Home Video's prototype (or, extended) variant)
  • 300 total contributions, reached on February 6th, 2020. (WF)
  • My second featured thread, created on March 16th, 2020 (WF)
  • Created a tutorial page (This is an accomplishment, since it is a rare thing to create a tutorial page) (WF, but has been imported to Miraheze)
  • Over the years I have taught logo hunters my ways of hunting and they are doing great now!
  • Directing + being the series creator for AVID's history documentary "From a Group to a Database", still work in progress

More to come, hopefully! :)

VPJHuk's rather old Logo Bucket List (as of 16.4.2020)

  • Spot even more undiscovered variants of well known logos: CHECK! (Most, if not all of the RCA/Columbia finds) Done on many dates.
  • Overhaul my profile: CHECK! (sorta, as it was not a big edit, and it was mainly due to Miraheze.) 4.5.2020
  • Help others in pages/logo hunting: CHECK! Done on many dates.
  • Help the wiki in general: CHECK! Done on 5.5.2020 (Helped with the migration to Miraheze)
  • Spot a very bad plaster: CHECK! Found on 19.4.2020 (here)

BUCKET KICKED: June 14th, 2020

Contacts needed?

  • I have a logo channel, where you can see videos of my finds and some other content. If you want to see them, feel free to click this link: :)
  • You're free to contact me on Discord! You can spot me on the AVID Discord ;)

And now..

All my featured photos (that I have uploaded) in order with backstories/info

1st Featured Photo:
Pixar Animation Studios (Different 20th Anniversary Text, 2006)

Backstory: I was looking for Pixar stuff, when I came across a channel on YouTube called "Destiny 6274". (This channel is a now-terminated channel on YouTube. The other account is a goodbye account). They uploaded videos of rare content for the movie Cars. They had the special watermarked, but I saw this variant on it, and I really wanted it without watermark. I went on a search, and I found it on Vimeo. I eventually uploaded it on WF CLG Wiki on the 22nd of December, 2019. This also became my first ever featured photo there, due to the fact that I mentioned this in the featured photo thread. On May 6th, 2020, I reuploaded it to Miraheze.

From: Pixar's 20th Anniversary Special, sourced from Vimeo.

Editor's Note: This was the last featured photo of 2019.

2nd-3rd, 5th and 6th Featured Photos:
Paramount Pictures (Swedish variants, 1930, 1939)

Backstory: I was casually hunting logos for a Discord group, when I went to a Swedish site called Filmarkivet. ( I searched up "paramount" on the search bar, and put a few advanced stuff to see what stuff were in there. I ignored the Paramount Journals, since there were many of them, and I didn't want to check for them all day. I also checked out Polarflygarna, which had a blue Paramount logo. I eventually found the 1930 closing version, and I literally shouted: "BINGO! DEFO POSTING THIS TO THE CLG!". I checked more, and I found the 1939 closing version. I captured both finds into photos (and eventually videos), and sent them to the featured photo thread. Not long after, they both got featured. Next day, I realized I missed some opening versions, so I did the same thing as previously, and they got featured.

From: Duetten med mig själv and Fyrmaktsmötet i Stockholm, sourced from

Editor's Notes

  • These were the first featured photos of 2020.
  • I want this find to become a meme in the logo community.

4th Featured Photo:
BVHV/WDHV/THV/HP (Showcase '91 variant, 1991)

Backstory: Basically, I found this while looking for trailer tapes. I never uploaded it to the CLG Wiki as a photo until January 2020, when I wanted to continue my "short-lived reign" of featured photos. I sent this to the featured photo thread, and it got featured. A little thing to note though, that I uploaded the opening only, since the closing only had a tiny change (which was the diamond).

From: A trailer tape, sourced from YouTube.

Editor's Note: None.

7th Featured Photo:
PolyGram Television International (1994)

Video capture courtesy of Pepsi9072

Backstory: My friend, muv discovered this find, and showed it on the group, mentioned in the 2nd find. He sent it to Pepsi9072, and it got uploaded to YouTube. I eventually created a page about the company, which can be seen here! I finished up the descriptions and stuff. Some time later, muv gave me permission to upload the photo capture to the CLG. I put the photo on the featured photo thread, and it got featured.

From: An NRK airing of Elvis: The Tribute.

Editor's Note: This is not my find.

8th Featured Photo:
Warner Home Video (Rare extended version, 1987)

Backstory: It was February 8th, 2020, in the group I have mentioned a few times already. muv shows me a German WHV zoomout version, and asked me if I could search the playlist he found. It consisted of a few private tapes that a German user uploaded to YouTube. They asked me to search the rest (probably) because I tackled a ton of Universal Newsreels content. I started searching, and I found what seemed to be an opening to the show. Nothing fancy, I thought. Eventually, I ran into the same find muv found. The third find though.. I literally was like: "OMG ITS FOUND". I checked the whole list, and it had a few other finds. After finding the stuff from the playlist, I rushed on to publish them as video captures on YouTube and as photos on the CLG Wiki. I compiled a thread showing all of the finds. Only the extended version was featured. Fair choice in my opinion, as it was clearly the most sought-after one of the bunch. I will explain more why in the editor's note. I eventually spread it around on Discord. As of July 7th, 2020, the video capture is the most popular video on my logo channel.

From: German Warner Video News VHS releases, sourced from a playlist on YouTube.

Editor's Note: This was a sought-after find because this probably was the rumoured (and lost) "prototype" version. "Anyways, I think we can safely say that the case for Warner Home Video's prototype variant is now closed." - VPJHuk (A Discord server)
I would explain more about the whole thing, but it would be very, very long.

9th (and the last WF) Featured Photo:
MTM Enterprises (Rare huge wreath variant, 1994)

Video capture courtesy of Pepsi9072

Backstory: 26th of February, 2020. in the DM group, muv tells that found a MTM logo with an unusual wreath variant. The others were surprised about it. muv also told that nobody should upload it to the CLG Wiki... yet. Eventually, it was uploaded as a video to Pepsi9072's YouTube channel, and muv gave permission to upload it to the CLG. I uploaded it as a photo, and mentioned it in the featured photo thread. It got featured.

From: The end of the TV Special, Television's Christmas Classics which aired on CBS.

Editor's Note: This is not my find (again).

===10th (first Miraheze) Featured Photo:
Universal Television (RARE GERMAN VERSION, 1998)===

Backstory: On the morning of 6th of October, 2020, I was on a streak of finding stuff, and eventually I checked a YouTube channel that muv already checked.. partially. (I found it because I looked up one of the findings' original source.) I was like: "If muv found that logo, maybe I could check other areas?" I then hit the "oldest" sort in the YouTube channel tab to see their oldest videos. I eventually found the original source of this logo. I uploaded it to my channel, and spread it around Discord, etc. Eventually, I posted it to the "Surprise logo finds" thread, a long with some other stuff, mostly being Warner Bros. related. I eventually asked if it would get a feature, and the next day, it did. However, that happens to NOT be the end of the story! A few days later, on October 10th, after watching my own VHS copy of Red Planet, I found it again. Unfortunately, it was the same source, but a different episode. This does likely mean, that I found the original date for the logo, which is 1998.

From: A SAT 1 airing of Vera Am Mittag.

Editor's Note: Not gonna lie, this may have been my favorite find so far!

11th Featured Photo:
All American Fremantle International (IAW, 1997)

Video capture courtesy of The AVTB Archives

Backstory: In the 18th of October, 2020, at the group I have mentioned a few times earlier, muv shows me the photo above. I had experience with finding other All American Fremantle stuff, but this was way different compared to what I have found. He allowed me publish the photo, which I later did. I had no video of the logo yet. The next day, I dug up the original source, but I let muv upload it on the AVTB Archives, which the very same day, I got invited to.

From: Highway Hangouts, a History Channel documentary.

Editor's Note: I call this a very cheesy find. Also, another note, this is (yet again) not my find.

12th and 13th Featured Photos: Magnetic Video (RARE, 1981)

Backstory: This find goes back to November 13th, 2020. I went to check if there were new trailer tapes, and sure enough, there were. I found a CIC Video News find, but that is not going to be the main case here. There was another trailer tape with a thumbnail same to the opening version of the logo. I couldn't do any other thing but to check what was the tape. The first few seconds of the video.. I knew it was a red flag for a new logo discovery. I checked the end too, and whaddayaknow, there was a closing version too! I immediately knew what I was going to do. I spread the photo around in Discord. However, no sights of video footage, until the next day. November 14th, 2020, I uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to see, in a video with both opening and closing versions. There has been theories of what the logo's purpose was or when it was made since then. For how it got featured, we have to skip past a few weeks until November 30th, where I posted my finds of November. I included photos to see if any of them could get featured, and as expected, both the Magnetic Video photos were featured.

From: A V2000 trailer tape.

Editor's Note: I call this find legendary. Nobody expected such a version to be found. This was previously found only in print form. Also, this was my last featured photo of 2020.

14th Featured Photo:
The Rank Organisation (German, 1959/1982)

Backstory: In the 10th of January, 2021, I was casually hunting German stuff. That day, I had already discovered the 60s Universal logo and a rarer sight: the Buena Vista Productions logo. However, I scrolled through the original source of this logo, and found it. I knew this was a rare variant, so I had to upload it to my channel. I had to crack the film it was in, which was a pretty easy task, as the original source had it in German. I would not upload the photo until the 30th of January, 2021, when I made my monthly post of my finds. This, along with the next photo, got featured.

From: The beginning of an ARD airing of Ferry to Hongkong, titled in German as Fähre nach Hongkong.

Editor's Note: None.

15th Featured Photo:
Paramount Pictures (Rare German Version, 1962/1985)

Backstory: In the 21th of January, 2021, I started hunting logos that day. At the time, I didn't find anything too noteworthy, but then I find a German video with the thumbnail being the logo. I knew I had gold in my hands, even though I already had seen German Paramounts before. I uploaded it to YouTube the next morning. The photo would not be uploaded until 30th of January, 2021, when I did my monthly surprising logo discoveries post. This, along with the previous find got featured.

From: An ARD airing of Hatari.

Editor's Note: Just another international Paramount on the case. Also, notice how the mountain is off-center?

16th Featured Photo:
MTM Enterprises (RARE POV VARIANT, 1996)

Backstory: On the 28th of June, 2021, muv tells me that he found a new MTM variant. I replied, and he showed how it looked like. I wasn't allowed to show it to the others yet, since muv would let Pepsi9072 upload it first. The next day, the video was up on YouTube, and I was allowed to share it to everyone. Hence, I edited the page with the photo and the video of this finding, as well as putting this into the Surprising Logo Discoveries thread. Soon after, the photo got featured.

From: Episode 2 of an original airing of Bailey Kippers P.O.V..

Editor's Note: 2 things, this is a cheesy variant, and this is not my find.

Some other stuff relating to my photos I would like to mention:

  • A whole thread consisting of over 20 Svensk Filmindustri finds was featured. All of them exist in photo form.. in WF.
  • The Warner Home Video thread was named "Brand new finds!" and got some positive feedback. The thread itself was not featured.
  • I took a hiatus from the featured photo thread because I thought I was spamming the thread with multiple finds.

Mini Epilogue Message

Well, I guess this is it for now. If you have any questions or anything to tell, feel free to message me in Discord.

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