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Hello, you have (somehow) landed on my page. Congratulations! You're in for a treat.... Now that you're here, allow me to introduce myself. I'm your neighborhood CLG Wikian TheAmigo67. I just like logos. I'm also a Weather Channel fan (mainly for the STAR part, don't tell anyone. ;))

I do have a discord tho. datguy#3216

Gear Type Gear
Capture Device io-data GV USB-2
Main Laptop Lenovo 330 Ideapad, still rocking it to this day.
Games? Yup. I got some really fun games.
Software? CAPTURING: I use VirturalDub on an XP machine with HuffYUV, along with a DMR ES-15 for time base correction. Turning over to post-capturing, it's all done with Vapoursynth. As for DVDs, it's <<insert DVD ripping program here>> all the way UNTIL the Vapoursynth parts.
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