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  • 10 YEARS ON AVID FOLKS!I have been reading CLG Wiki articles since at least 2014, attempting writer status in 2019, before becoming a full editor in 2021.
  • I am a former reception wiki admin, and attempting to destroy the Telepedia version.
  • My handwriting is akin to Highway Gothic and Clearview, which are Interstate Highway fonts. Want to see a highway sign? Go on a road trip and look closely at the giant green signs.
  • My home video bumper findings are recognized by 2 VHS Opening Distributors: MeshVHSMesh and DisneyVHSMuseum. MeshVHSMesh supports my goals for AVID and often helps me with print dates and bumper related questions, even as we are on other sides of the planet!
  • Frisch's Big Boy is life.


I like home video bumpers. I coined the term "clip on". However, I voted for a global rename back to 'bumpers'.

Thank you, (Talk!) 00:12, 14 January 2023 (UTC)

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My Clip-On Library!

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This user has been on AVID since 2021;reading since 2014.
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