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MoviesNo Room For Rockstars, the Smart Studios Story, American Pie, Out Cold, Killing Audio, The New Guy, John Tucker Must Die, Fired Up, The Orange Years
TVKiff, Beavis & Butthead, Fuse’s Daily Download, 120 Minutes, Steven’s Untitled Rock Show, Corn & Peg, Downtown, Barmageddon
MusicParamore, Hey Monday, Meadowood, Spitalfield, The Suicide Machines, We Are The In-Crowd, Vega Under Fire, Just Left, Farewell, Terrible Things, Just Surrender, MxPx, Fantazma, Box Car Racer, Red Car Wire, First Class Fever, Floral Terrace, Honor Bright, Quietdrive, Valencia, Call It Karma, Lights Out Dancing, PlayRadioPlay, Yellowcard, KT Tunstall, My Favorite Highway, The High Speed Scene, Skye Sweetnam, The Method To My Medium, Can You Keep A Secret!, The Bigger Lights, The Downtown Fiction, Cartel, Farebridge, Versaemerge, Van Atta High, New Atlantic, Summercamp, Weezer, The Title, First Class Fever, The Early November, So They Say, Red Light Run, The Goodnight Anthem, A Rocket To The Moon, Danger Radio, Brella, The Scenic, FenixTX, Hush Hush Commotion, Kenoita, Promise Me Scarlett, Love It Or Leave It, We Are The New Year!, Catch Me If You Can, Madison Drive, Oleander, Permanent Me, Jade Bird, Katie Griffin, Katy Rose, The Vines, Georgie James, Disco Curtis, Missles And Markers, Dang We're On Fire, Socratic, Eve 6, The Cockroaches, Jet, Avery, Veruca Salt, Hoobastank, Mt. Joy, The Juliana Hatfield Three, Liz Phair, Rocket From The Crypt, The Replacements, Stereo Skyline, Pixies, Goldfinger, 1997, The Bay State, Kisschasy, This Condition, Signal The Escape, The Ataris, Asteria, Seven Story Fall, Tempe, Callahan, Fight! Fight! Fight!, 3oh3!, Foo Fighters, Hello Control, Carson, The Kiera Plan, New Altum, Chloe Halpin, Basement Jaxx
MagazinesAlternative Press Magazine, Substream Magazine
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Real nameCraig Joseph Miller
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posted 341 days ago

Please preview your changes before submitting. You are still not adding the reference tags properly. Compare my edit to yours to see the difference. The tags are supposed to place an "[n]" next to the information and the website link at the bottom of the page.

posted 341 days ago

Looks almost better. You just need to add "</ref>" to the end of each website link because the URL will still be awkwardly present in the logo description.

posted 341 days ago

Excuse me, but you appear to be still using the wrong marker when sourcing information. "<br>" is used to start a new row and will awkwardly leave the full link intact in the logo description. The "<ref>" tag is supposed to be replaced the link with "[n]" next to the information and copy the url to the end of the section so that the section has a solid flow. As I have stated before, this is how citing a website should look like: "<ref>(website link}</ref>".

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