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Union Film Company (聯邦影業有限公司) was a Taiwanese film production company established in 1965 by former Shaw Brothers director King Hu and Taiwanese producer Sha Rongfeng. Their first production was Dragon Inn from 1967 which was a huge success.

1st Logo (1967-1977?)

Visuals: On a dark green marble background, there is a gold circle over a gold line. On the circle, there is a Lissajous curve-like figure, which is gold and has brown shadings either top or bottom. Below the lines is the company name in Chinese, and the translation in English "A UNION FILM PRODUCTION" which is stacked.

Technique: A real-life photograph.

Audio: A drumbeat (a la the Fox fanfare), followed by a loud bombastic and at the same time triumphant fanfare with the last note being held. (This was also used as Producciones Sotomayor's 3rd logo fanfare.)

Availability: Seen on their movies of the time, such as Dragon Inn (their first movie) and Blood Revenge.

2nd Logo (February 21, 1971) (Indonesian variant)

Visuals: An in-credit logo, consisting of the Lissajous curve-like figure in pink within said color's circle outline, with the characters "聯邦" within the Lissajous curve. All of this is on the left of the screen. Below that is the text "FILM INI DIBUAT ATAS KERDJASAMA TEAM PRODUKSI UNION FILM CO."

Technique: A still, painted graphic keyed over the footage of the film.

Audio: The opening theme of the film.

Availability: Seen on Pandji Tengkorak which Union Film co-produced.

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