Unintelligible Grunt

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Unintelligible Grunt is Jon Glaser's vanity card.

Logo (August 22, 2010-December 11, 2015)

Visuals: Outside at daytime with a bright sky and two trees at the bottom-left corner of the screen, there is a man wearing a balaclava on the right side of the screen. A white speech bubble, with its black outline, saying "(unintelligible grunt)" pops up next to him.

Trivia: The man in the logo is most likely the Delocated character Jon, played by Glaser himself.

Technique: Digital graphics with live-action photograph.

Audio: A man saying "HEEEAUGH!", as if he's grunting unintelligibly.

Availability: Seen on the second and third seasons of Delocated and Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter.

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