Tycoon Home Video

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Logo (1995-2014)

Visuals: Set against a black background, four shapes come onto the screen which consists of a silver rectangle, cube, jagged line, and a blue cube. The rectangle and silver cube comes in from the left while the silver jagged line and blue cube come in from the right. All of the shapes assemble onto the blue cube and tilt to a 315-degree angle. The name TYCOON comes onscreen rotating and zooming out placing itself underneath the logo. The bottom of the "O" and "N" is obstructed by a square shape. The "T" sparkles as a white glow of light slide past the screen from left to right forming an underline and a silver square underneath the"O" and "N." The words "HOME VIDEO" zoom back letter by letter placing themselves underneath the underline. After a few seconds, the screen fades to black.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A whoosh along with computerized "twinkling" sounds as the shapes come onscreen and merge followed by a brief ring when the logo finishes forming. As the "TYCOON" name comes in, we hear a synthesized wind sound and another whoosh. Another whoosh plays as the text finishes zooming out. Another ring in another pitch is heard when the TYCOON name stops. Laser zaps are heard as the underline is drawn. Finally, an orchestral hit (similar to the last note in the 1995 "3-G Home Video" logo) is heard along with another bizarre whoosh and zap.

Availability: Can be seen on Mexican videos and DVDs of Barney & Friends, Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Tama & Friends, as well as other releases such as Pokémon. It was also seen in Brazil, in front of ST2 Kids releases of shows like Barney & Friends and Transformers: Armada.

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