Two Cities Films

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Founded in 1937 by Italian expatriate Filippo del Giudice as a project to make an international film company, it ended up being a genuinely British company, producing films with Rank or on its own. It folded in 1955.

Logo (June 1938-January 11, 1955)

Visuals: There is a painting of London's Tower Bridge with some skyscrapers in the background. Then, in white, rounded letters, the words



zoom out at a very fast pace and place themselves in the very center of the screen.


  • On some films (mostly the ones distributed by Rank), the byline "F. DEL GIUDICE IN CHARGE OF PRODUCTION" would appear. The set of skyscrapers varies as well.
  • In Technicolor films, the logo has a dark, moody look, with cold colours. The set of skyscrapers varies depending on the film.

Technique: Camera controlled animation.

Audio: The opening music of the movie.

Availability: It can be spotted on DVDs of old productions by this company.

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