Tracy Gamble Productions

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This is the vanity card of Tracy Gamble, the creator of 8 Simple Rules. It was used as a replacement for Flody Co. after Flody Suarez left the series halfway through season 2, and was retired after Gamble himself left after the end of that season (though he later returned as a consulting producer during what turned out to be the show's third and final season).

Logo (January 27-May 18, 2004)

Visuals: On a streaked green background, there is a four-leaf clover (in a darker shade of green) with a white border. The name "Tracy Gamble productions" is shown on the clover, with "Tracy Gamble" on the top line in a white font, and "productions" on the bottom line in the same font. "Tracy Gamble" also has a green neon glow surrounding it.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The jangle pop theme from the Shady Acres Entertainment logo.

Availability: It only appeared on the second half of season 2 of 8 Simple Rules.

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