Toilet Pictures

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1st Logo (2006)

Visuals: On a night, stormy sky with the ocean waving around, lightning strikes, forming the words "TOILET PICTURES". The text eases in a little, then disappear through a lightning effect.

Technique: The stormy skies, the ocean waving, the company name appearing and disappearing. [possible misuse]

Audio: Thunder sounds alongside the ocean living.

Availability: Seen on the horror film A.P.T.

2nd Logo (2008)

Visuals: On a black background is a silhouette of an easel with a shadow underneath which features a tall, skinny person in front of it. Below is the company name "TOILET PICTURES". The shadow stretches a bit to the right for a moment, then the company name shines.

Technique: The shadow stretching, the company name shining. [possible misuse]

Audio: A jingle sound is heard at the start, then it goes into an ominous humming sound when the shadow stretches. Then another jingle sounds (similar to the 1985 Touchstone Pictures logo is heard when the company name shines).

Availability: Seen on Scandal Makers.

3rd Logo (2011)

Visuals: On a starry space background, several light rays beam downwards and shine as the camera scrolls downwards and forwards and more light rays beam past horizontally towards the other rays, forming a "T". It eases back and "TOILET" (with "PICTURES" below) shines itself in via lighting effects.

Technique: The light rays, the company name shining in. [possible misuse]

Audio: A jingling sound, accompanied by whooshes as the light rays fly by. Then it goes into an orchestral sound (like it's tuning up) and ends with a blasting sound as the company name shines in.

Availability: Seen on Sunny.

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