Titwala Filmwalas

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1st Logo (August 27, 1999)

Visuals: There is a red spiral drawing on a black background, which then turns to be an Indian religious symbol. Then the words "TITWALA FILMWALAS" in Peignot, with a blue shadow behind, fade in below.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A melody with a tanpura is heard, which is followed by a sudden dramatic sting.

Availability: Seen on Aaya Toofan.

2nd Logo (June 8, 2001-September 13, 2002)

Visuals: On a moving psychedelic green background, the letters "TITWALA FILMWALAS", in white, appear letter-by-letter and stay for a few seconds.

Variant: There is a variant where the text appears on a black background.

Technique: Computer animation. None for the variant.

Audio: A very loud blowing of a sringa.

Audio Variant: For the variant, none.

Availability: The original was seen on Bengal Tiger, while the variant can be seen on Marshal.

Legacy: This logo is rather infamous for its music.

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