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Tintoretto was a film coloring company based in Toronto. Its name is derived from "tintoretto", the Italian word for "tint".

Logo (1987-1990s)

Visuals: On a dark background with stars sparkling above is the word "Tintoretto" in silver with rainbow colors in the middle. Behind the company name is a gray paint smudge. On the dot of the "i" is an orange butterfly slowly flapping its wings. Behind the logo are three arch windows on the left, center and right. Outside the windows are green hills, a few trees and a daytime blue and pink sky. The logo is reflected on the floor.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A violin note.

Availability: It's only known appearance was on colorized season 1 episodes of Gilligan's Island when it ran on TBS and TNT many years ago. Allegedly appeared on an episode on MeTV. Warner Home Video preserves it on their six-volume VHS release from 1997.

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