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Contrary to its name in Chinese (37.2度杂货店), which directly translates to "37.2° Variety Store", as "Variety Store" in here is a metaphor for the fading feeling of nostalgia, this Malaysian company is actually a Flash animation studio making educational films and songs with CD, DVD and VCD prints, even expanding to YouTube and mobile. "Three Seven Two" actually refers to the average human body temperature, centered at 37.2°C, according to their early promo trailer. Founded in 1998, their early contributions include the aforementioned songs released under Rock Records.

Logo (2004-)

Visuals: On a cyan background, there are three faces with a hat, each colored respectively blue, brown and green (each named She Huaijun (佘淮君), She Luojun (佘洛君) and She Xiangjun (佘湘君) respectively who mainly star in their earlier Mandarin Chinese-language productions), zoom in. The text "37.2度杂货店" slides from the right and a white border appears to the entire picture with the decimal point at "37.2" appearing in a flash.

Technique: Simple Flash animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Can be seen on the start and end of various DVDs and VCDs released by the company, preceding the promo trailer released from 2004 to present, such as Di Zi Gui V2, Poems + Everlasting Songs, Suku Kata and etc. It is also used as a splash screen upon launching their apps (all delisted and considered partially lost media) Di Zi Gui, San Zi Jing, Tang Poems (five and seven-character) and Multiplication Table apps.

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