Thomas Pictures/Availability

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1st Logo (May 7, 1964-July 24, 1970)

Title Date of Release Source / Additional Info
Oral Koodi Kallanayi May 7, 1964 Debut appearance.
Kudumbini December 22, 1964
Bhoomiyile Malakha October 9, 1965 The opening theme of the film plays over.
Kayamkulam Kochunni July 29, 1966
Thalaivan July 24, 1970 Latest appearance; trumpet solo with ascending vibraphone glissandos and a cymbal crash when the text appears is used.

2nd Logo (July 19, 1975-December 2, 1983)

Title Date of Release Source / Additional Info
Thomasleeha July 19, 1975 Debut appearance; the company name reads "THOMAS FAMILY TRUST".
Nizhal Moodiya Nirangal December 2, 1983 Final appearance.
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