The Scott-Kronfeld Experience

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The Scott-Kronfeld Experience was founded by Tim Scott and Rich Kronfeld in 2001. In partnership with Comedy Central Productions, they produced and distributed the nationally-syndicated version of Let's Bowl!, a scripted game show that featured Kronfeld as one of the hosts. The production company was an evolution of the earlier Big Bladder Pictures, which produced and distributed an earlier iteration of Let's Bowl! to St. Paul-Minneapolis television stations.

Logo (August 19, 2001-May 5, 2002)

Visuals: There are two side-by-side childhood school pictures of Tim Scott (left) and Rich Kronfeld (right). In between them, there is a small image of a chipmunk eating a peanut, steadily rising from the bottom to the top of the screen. As the chipmunk rises, the images of the children fade away to reveal a black-and-white video capture of several silhouettes observing an ongoing nuclear explosion in the distance (likely from an old instructional video about the hazards of nuclear war). As the chipmunk approaches the top, its eyes turn from black to red. In front of this, the words:


are shown in a bold white font with a black outline.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: An eerie orchestral score probably from an old film. When the chipmunk's eyes turn red, three "zaps" of electricity can be heard.

Availability: Was only used on the nationally-syndicated version of Let's Bowl!, which stopped airing on Comedy Central in 2002.

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