The Bureau of Mass Communications/New York State Education Department

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The Bureau of Mass Communications was the production unit of the New York State Education Department, formed as far back as 1962. The company produced at least 1500 programs from 1970-1980. The unit closed sometime during the 1980s.

Logo (September 22, 1975-May 12, 1980)

Visuals: On a black background, a red series of curved shapes are seen in a segmented, fuzzy form that constantly "buzz", while a turquoise line is seen in the middle of the screen. The line eventually folds out into a pair of film reels, which constantly spin throughout the logo, as they move up to the upper left and the structure begins to pull itself together, revealing itself to actually be 3 segmented copies of the letters "mc", and they form all one solid copy. From the lower left corner, as everything settles together, the text "the bureau of mass communications" in a Bauhaus-like font zooms up and directly under the "mc", and then transforms into the text "new york state education department" via a static-like effect.


  • A filmed version exists.
  • On Vegetable Soup, a turquoise number in a bloated, serif-like font appears within the "c" via an waving effect, which is the episode number.

Technique: Scanimate effects.

Audio: A synth tune with synthesized "clapping" noises along with flourishing synths. An abridged version plays after the text transforms.

Availability: Seen on Vegetable Soup and High Feather. Its unknown if it appeared on any other series.

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