Thana Entertainment

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Thana Entertainment (also known as TEN) was an Thai film production company. It was founded in 1989 to distribute Hong Kong films, and also to produce Thai films. In 1996, the company was defunct. By 2014, Thana Entertainment owns film library such as Hong Kong films as well as Thai films. It is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. The company had a film distribution companies competitors with Sahamongkol Film International. By 2018, he launches YouTube channel called "Thana Entertainment".

Logo (1989-1996)

Visuals: On a space background, there is a Thana Entertainment logo, containing a rectangle box and the clapperboard, with a bar that connects to the clapperboard, On the right of box is "THANA" and the below bar is the words "ENTERTAINMENT", and a Thai company name in a generic font, both are in golden shine, The screen then zoomss in and then the logo flashes, then the logo and text shines.

Variant: There is a 2:35:1 variant of the 4:3 cropped to fit the 2:35:1 screen. This is found on the Thai dub of the Hong Kong movie A Day Without Policeman.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A orchestral and triumphant fanfare. Sometimes, a Thai announcer says "Thana Entertainment presents".

Availability: Was appeared on some Thai dub of some movies by the company, such as A Day Without Policeman, Shy Spirit, The Lion King and Leon The Professional. This logo is also appeared on I Will Love You among other films.

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