Terror Visio

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Terror Visio is a video-on-demand platform from Horror Factory Entertainment that streams short horror movies. It launched sometime in January of 2018.

Logo (2018- )

Visuals: On a black background with ashes of flames (a similar atmosphere to the 2015 logo of the previously mentioned Horror Factory), a stream of black/gray smoke moves from left to right, revealing the words "TERROR VISIO" in black with a flame effect inside, stacked on top of one another. Then, a few seconds later, a ghostly skull appears behind the "TERROR VISIO" name, banging into it, making the text lose its flame effect and turn gray. The byline "AN HORROR FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT LTD COMPANY" fades in. The skull then "yells", evaporating the "TERROR VISIO" text as the byline disappears. Finally, we quickly go inside the skulls mouth, and it cuts to black.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An eerie ambience sound, followed by a whoosh, more ambience, a boom sound, and the skulls "yelling" which is like a horror roar or screech.

Availability: Seen on short horror films produced by the company.

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