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Logo (January 23, 1985-1986)

Visuals: A close up of a 3D gold textured "tps", with the former letter highlighted within the curved tube box, is shown alongside several shines around it. The camera zooms out to reveal it is set on a blue background. Over and underneath the logo are the words "Η" and "ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΆΖΕΙ".

Variant: An in-credit variant exists, consisting of the print logo in white.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A warbling moog synthesiser sting with sporadic echoed dings.

Availability: The animated variant appeared on VHS releases from the company such as Λάκης και πάσης Ελλάδος. The in-credit variant appeared on their TV shows such as Τα λιονταράκια του κυρ Ηλία.

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