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Television Malta (or TVM for short) is a Maltese television network operated by Public Broadcasting Services (not to be confused with the American non-profit distribution service).

1st Logo (1981-1992)

Visuals: Against a dark blue background is a tan-gradient circle with small pieces of it cut. Several long curved, right triangles fade from black to light yellow on the circle, particularly on the left side of the shape alongside a white circle and a rectangular shape animated like water behind it. On the top center of the circle is "TVM", which zooms in and becomes white. After a while, a thick, silver delta with strange outlines fades in

Technique: Analog computer effects.

Audio: A flute and guitar soundtrack.

2nd Logo (1992-1998)

Visuals: In a spiral tube, a white pearl and some lights come out, the hole then fades to an ocean, the Maltese cross then splashes out of the ocean, it then goes inside the sea, making 3 ripples, the text Television Malta and a oval outline then transition out.

Technique: CGI combined with live-action.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare.

3rd Logo (1998-2007)

Visuals: On a time-lapse cloud background, a transparent ring is traced and then forms into its shape with a ray of light forming it. Shortly after, "TV" inside a silver, slanted box appears, followed by three blue vertical rectangles zooming out and resting next to the box with an orange, shiny ball appearing after they all meet. Finally the text "Public Broadcast Services" fades in below.


  • Another version has the logo on a sunrise background with the ring simply fading in and zooming out. This is likely used during the morning hours of the channel.
  • A shortened variant of the day version exists.

Technique: CGI combined with live-action.

Audio: A relaxing, ascending piano soundtrack which shimmering sounds.

Audio Variant: On the sunrise variant, a faster version of the same soundtrack is used.

4th Logo (2002-2007)

Visuals: On a sunrise-like background is the TVM logo in green, beneath it is a purple globe, a ray of light can be seen on the V of the logo, Shortly after, a star shines brightly and the background has rays of yellow, the text "TELEVISION MALTA", being seen on brown and blue frames, then transition out.

Variant: There is another variant where the same logo plays except the ray of lights can be seen on the background, but then it later cuts to a blue background with a huge waving flag & dotted overlays, we also see a flat version of the TVM logo zoom out, a flat orange circle turns to the front, a blue ray of light is seen, and a slanted circle outline forms. Finally, the text TELEVISION MALTA fades in.

Technique: CGI

Audio: The same theme used in the 1997-2001 SIC Logo

Audio Variant: In one, a narrator can be heard. In another, there is a upbeat xylophone & flute sting playing.

5th Logo (2007-2011)

Visuals: On a moving blue background, two close ups of the logo is shown with a reflection of a shot of several clouds. Then, the logo, two overlapping rectangle outlines with one in red and the other white with the silver text "TVM" next to them, flashes and quickly zooms out with the full name "television malta" fading in and debluring below.


  • A shortened variant exists, sometimes with smaller credits underneath that fades out not long after.
  • On one variant, there is a brunette woman in red raising her hand and showing the logo before smiling at the camera and then disappearing. The second half of the logo then plays.
  • On another variant, we see a businessman with grey hair raising his hand and showing the logo before smiling at the camera and then disappearing. The second half of the logo then plays.
  • During Christmas, the rectangles are seen within a snow globe as it zooms out. Not long after, a blue spark of light appears and flashes the screen, bursting behind the finished logo before the written text "Awguri" wipes in.Technique: CGI.

Audio: An ascending 9-note piano tune that ends with a dreamy sting.

Audio Variant:

  • Sometimes, the logo is accompanied by an announcer.
  • On the Christmas variant, sleigh bells are heard when the snow globe is visible.

6th Logo (2011-2021)

Visuals: On a smoky blue background, four light blue delta shapes with a line dividing them in half in the same orientation as the 1st logo zoom out. Not long after, a light burst creates a form of gas, which turns the deltas into red before they all merge by rotating into the left delta shape counterclockwise. The bottom delta remains next to the left delta, which has the blue text "TVM" inside a metal box sliding out while light waves spray out of the transformation and a red lens flare follows the sliding box. While the logo zooms out, the text briefly flashes.

Variant: A similar variant has the logo set to a timelapse cloud background. However, instead of appearing from the beginning, the deltas, only consisting of two, have a glass texture and zooms out, becoming red before they could finish zooming out. Another variant is also set to the previous said background. Instead, the four red deltas zoom out and rotate, and merge into the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A relaxing ambience sound with a few twinkles that ends in a soft hit note.

7th Logo (2011-2021)

Visuals: On a moving blue background, red, left-pointed delta appears, which is followed by three more deltas aligned to one another and then the first two that appeared disappears; all of this are in-sync with the tune that plays in the logo. Once there are only two left, the logo slides and shines on its bottom right corner, which slowly dies out while the logo zooms out.

Technique: Simple computer animation and effects.

Audio: A six note ascending piano tune that ends with a deep bong. Glittering is heard throughout the score.

8th Logo (2021-October 1, 2023)

Visuals: On a black background, two lights, one in purple and the other in red travel along the outline of a right-pointed delta with the former faster. They meet near the point of the delta, flashing and then continues to travel along. The speed of their travels pick out while shots of the curved delta changes. After a while, they meet again and then die down, alongside the shape disappearing to show the logo being filled in by light: a warmer, rounded, and slanted look of the previous logo with a rounded triangle on the left and a left-pointed delta inside. The background also changes to a purple-orange gradient color.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A relaxing futuristic piece with soft clapping in the first half and shines, sparks and flashing in the second.

9th Logo (October 2, 2023-)

Visuals: On a purple-orange gradient background with small outlined Maltese crosses covering the background, there is a purple triangle with red outline move from the left, making the background purple, along with another cross outline being filled. Smaller red and light purple crosses flash out. The cross then cuts out to the previous color background but instead showing the text "TVM" in white sliding from the left. It then cuts to a white cross zooming out while the covers back to the purple background, along with small lines with more crosses flashing, Multiple red deltas then fly in to make a red Maltese cross, which then zooms into the background with 5 more cross outlines rotating clockwise. And then another cross zooms into a pink-yellow gradient background, and the logo seen in purple-pink gradient color with the text "TVM" still in white shines.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio:' The same audio as in the previous logo.

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