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Tele Antillas is a Dominican public television broadcasting through channel 2 and previously also in channel 13. Its the official TV channel for most events. It started its broadcastings in 1979 and is currently owned by Grupo Corripio.

1st Logo (1979-1980s)

Visuals: On a starry space backdrop, light blue lines appear being formed to the center of the screen, which looks like a "TA". The shape flashes and becomes solid/metallic, and below zooms "canales" with a rounded square containing the numbers "2" and "13".

Variant: Another ID was released in 1981. In this version, the space is less shiny, the blue colors from the "TA" are darker, and below we see instead "CANALES 2 Y 13". Not much is known of the rest of the ID, due the only online capture shows it incomplete.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: An echoing announcer saying "Teleantillas Canal es 2 en Santo Domingo y 13 en Santiago", as well as two whoosh sounds at the beginning.

2nd Logo (1990s-2000)

Visuals: The logo starts off with colorful lines appearing from the top center and animating all over the place on a black background. One second in, and the text "TA" in the same style as the last logo slides in from the bottom to the top of the logo, revealing an environment consisting of a indigo-orange sky and a black silhouette of a city. As the text is nearly complete, another text that says "TELEANTILLAS" slides in, this time from the top to the bottom of the logo. Throughout the entirety of the logo, the colorful lines are still in contact and animating like usual.

Variant: There is an alternate variation of the ident, which consists of the same two text placed at an angle on a dark red-black gradient background with nine inverted lines.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A group of people singing, as well as six drum notes at the beginning and an electric guitar playing at the end..

3rd Logo (2000-2004)

Visuals: On an extreme close-up of the number "2" in a light blue-white gradient color, a gray square outline is shown zooming out. Once the outline is complete zooming out, the outline fills in to make a gray square that includes the white number "2", and the square slides to the left as different clips of programs appear next to each other. A sphere appears at the center of the logo, making an explosion and the same background number rotating at a different angle, as well as the text "estás viendo" and a white rectangular outline to appear. Then, the logo passes by the sphere, clips, and the square to reveal the white number "2" appearing via a glow effect and zooming closer to the logo, followed by a small beam surrounding the number and animating similar to a rectangular outline fashion. Meanwhile, multiple white lines move all over the logo. As the number gets closer, it is revealed that the same number in a dimmer color is shown behind the number and animating at a slower pace. Once the number is as close as ever, another explosion occurs, making a transition to the same background number at yet another angle different from the last shot. Also appearing from the explosion is the text "TA2, followed by a silver sphere and the text TELEANTILLAS, which appears via a "wiping in" effect. The logo briefly glows, making the sphere appear as a brown circle. Finally, the text and sphere stays as is while two number "2"'s animates the exact same as the number in the previous scene at a faster rate.

Technique: A combination of CGI and computer animation.

Audio: Three different spanish instrumental themes, as well as one laser sound effect per explosion.

4th ID (2004-2010s)

Visuals: On a white background, a singular small orange dot briefly appears, as well as the text "TELE ANTILLAS in a futuristic font. As the dot and the text are briefly seen, the two rapidly go all over the logo. Once the two disappear, multiple rounded rectangles in orange and yellow appear at the right side. Then the color yellow takes up the logo before zooming out as a rectangle. Then two half-circle like shapes in yellow and green appear, which are seen on the top and bottom of a blue rounded quadrilateral shape consisting of the white text "T/\" and another orange dot in between the A-like shape. It was first seen to the right. Then the logo cuts to the aforementioned on-print logo inside of a yellow rounded rectangle, which shrinks in size to form the tip of the logo. Then another rounded rectangle in the same color appears and zooms out to form the on-print logo, which moves to the right-center. Once the rectangle does, the colors yellow and magenta take up nearly the entirety of the logo. Then, the on-print logo and the magenta color wipe to the right, leaving the yellow color taking up the entire logo. Afterwards, a white line forms horizontally and spins at a vertical position. This makes the color split apart and move to both the left and right positions. A green line forms and thickens, which makes the yellow divided colors also thicken until the two colors connect to each other. Once the two connect with each other, the green line thickens even more, nearly taking up the yellow color. Then, an orange line thickens, making the green shrink until it is no longer seen, which the line turns into a magenta color and takes up the entire screen. Then, a dot in the same color zooms out to reveal said dot to be located at the white number "2", as well as the magenta, yellow, and blue colors in the background. White takes up the background, as the number flips and moves to position to reveal the text "T/\" in the same format as last time, as well as the dot changing colors. As this happens, yellow, blue, and green shapes from the on-print logo animates to their positions, forming the on-print logo. Finally, the text

tv como eres tu

fades in below the on-print logo and the logo stays still afterwards.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: Multiple sound effects are first heard like whooshing among others. Then a spanish optimistic instrumental theme with people saying something in spanish is heard.

5th ID (2010s-)


  • Red/Short Ident: Against a red background, an orange dot zooms out and turns at a different angle to make the dot be seen at the front side. While this happens, the white text "T/\" in the same style as the last logo flips over to the right center of the screen. When the dot and the text are nearly completely at their respective positions, the white text "TELE ANTILLAS" quickly slides in below the "T/\". Once the three are in their positions, a glow appears behind the "T/\", making the text "eres tú" appear below the text "TELE ANTILLAS". Finally, a lens flare appears at the text. Throughout the logo, a black bar containing copies of the text "TELE ANTILLAS" scrolling through the bar can be seen below the screen.
  • Blue-Gold/Extended Ident: The logo starts off with a gold background containing lines of darker colors. Then a row of 3D spinning square outlines move across the left side of the screen and move away to the right. Once the row does such, the text "TELE ANTILLAS", as well as a black bar and mini versions of the text below the bar appear at the bottom of the screen, as the background color becomes aqua, appearing as a shot of a museum. The texts are seen scrolling, and as the bigger text scrolls away along with the black bar, the text "T/\", with the dot in between the "/\", containing more footage wipes in and gets close to the screen, as the background wipes back to gold with a copy of text in the same color as the background. Once the text couldn't be seen, the previous footage is briefly seen without saturation before most of the background switches to blue, making the logo blink and make the rest of the footage in a gold color, containing the black bar and the mini text from earlier. As this happens, the "T/\" from last time flips in and is placed near the center of the screen. Once the text is finished being placed at its position, the text "TELE ANTILLAS" wipes in while flipping once. The logo finalizes by adding a lens flare, which makes the text "eres tú" appear below and makes each letter slowly separate each other.

Technique: CGI.


  • A majestic fanfare can be heard for the first ident.
  • An optimistic electronic theme can be heard for the second ident.
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