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Logo (1986-19??)

Visuals: On a black background, four squares fly in from their respective corners and fill their quarter of the screen. The top-left and lower-right squares have a colour-changing vortex in them, while the top-right and lower-left squares have multiple vortexes in their own smaller squares. The four squares then fly back into their corners to reveal one big colour-changing vortex that fills the screen. Soon afterwards, a blue spinning square with a yellow-and-blue gradient text that says "VIDEO" on all faces zooms in from the center, then flies into the top-left corner. Another spinning square with the same attributes of the last one zooms in from the center and flies to the top-right corner. Then, a white square with a strange symbol resembling an eye on all faces, zooms in from the center and stops when one of its faces is shown completely. The square then flies to the bottom of the screen, and soon after, yellow-and-blue gradient text that says "TELEVIDEO" slowly flies up from the bottom of the screen, while gradually slowing down as it reaches the center of the screen. The vortex's color turns a solid purple, the text flies back down to the bottom and the logo fades to black.

Technique: The vortexes changing color, the squares flying in and out, the squares spinning and flying out and "TELEVIDEO" moving up and down. [possible misuse]

Audio: The same disco tune as heard in the beginning of the French 3M Video logo, which is actually a song called "This Time Is Running Down" by Cerrone.

Availability: Appeared on VHS tapes distributed by the national television company Magyar Televízió.

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