T Group Productions

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T Group Productions is a reality show company that has produced reality shows that include Mystery Diners and Private Chefs of Beverly Hills on Food Network, Storage Hunters on TruTV, Museum Men on H2, and Swamp Hunters on CMT, among others. In 2018 it was acquired by Critical Content and T Group was merged into the latter.

Logo (May 20, 2012-2018)

Visuals: The sequence starts out in a white purgatory background with shadowing. There is a bold, red capital "T" appear first. Then in bold, black text, the letters "G", "R", "U", and "P" appear in slight transition as "TGR UP". Once the five letters are shown is the "O" in red text zooming down quickly (similar to a reverse "V of Doom" ), quickly causing the "O" to splatter on the background. Once all six letters are shown, the letters then shine a soft, white light.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: Choir of people holding a note in unison making the logo seem rather anticlimactic.

Availability: It was seen on its shows that they produced until 2018 such as Storage Hunters, Return of the Mac, House of Food and Celebrities Undercover, among others.

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