TV Difusora Lago da Pedra

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TV Difusora Lago da Pedra is a television station from Lago da Pedra, Maranhão, Brazil (as the name suggests). It is an affiliate of SBT and belongs to Rede Difusora.

1st (Known) Logo (2022-)

Visuals: There are two versions:

  • Version 1: There is a shot of Lago da Pedra, the previous 2015 Rede Difusora logo (which has been stretched) with the words "CANAL 12 O CANAL DO POVO" and "LAGO DA PEDRA MA" that has a black outline it below zooms in.
  • Version 2: There is the 2021 Rede Difusora logo, and the word "Lago da Pedra -ma" fades in at the end.

Trivia: The background (or the shot) in the first version is actually a cropped version of an image that already existed on Google. You can see it here.

Technique: 2D animation.


  • Version 1: A loud synth drone-like sound with a modern tune, and a male announcer says: "TV Difusora, O Canal do Povo"
  • Version 2: The 2021 Rede Difusora music.
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