TVP3 Gdańsk

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This is one of the local branches of TVP3 located in Gdańsk, a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland. The station was launched on 6 March 1959.

Telewizja Gdańsk

ID (March 6, 1959-2020)

Visuals: There is a statue of the Neptune fountain over a cloudy background. the station name "Telewizja Gdańsk" in red and a handwritten format is displayed right next to the statue and the Polish Eagle icon can be seen below.


  • A black-and-white variant exists.
  • The early ident, before 1959 is essentially a slightly adjusted version of the later ident. A building is visible on the right side, and the station name now reads "Telewizja Gdańska".

Technique: A still graphic

Audio: An echoing bell theme.

Audio Variant: The ident at times can also be silent.


  • It was mostly seen during program pauses during its timespan.
  • There only remains a Logopedia image of the early variant.
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