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TVN is a Polish free-to-air television station and media group in Poland. Launched in 1997, it was co-founded by Polish businessmen Mariusz Walter, Jan Wejchert and Swiss entrepreneur Bruno Valsangiacomo. It is owned by TVN Group, which as of April 2022, is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery.

2nd ID (2002-2007)

Visuals: The animation style of the IDs uses a circle-themed aesthetic and it's often set over a blue or yellow background. At the end, the center ripples as the TVN logo, consisting of a blue circle containing the yellow text "tvn", emerges into view.

Variants: Unknown

Technique: 2D CGI animation developed by Velvet Mediendesign.

Audio: A 5-note mallet motif, rearranged depending on the variant.

3rd ID (2008-2009)

Visuals: The animation style of the IDs uses an abstract aesthetic with rounded shapes and squiggly lines with circular tips moving around in various ways. Near the end, there is an off-center circle which changes into the TVN logo as described before.

Variants: Unknown

Technique: 2D CGI animation, like before, developed by Velvet Mediendesign.

Audio: Reworked motif from before that's rearranged depending on the variant.

4th ID (2009-2013)

Visuals: Similar to the previous logo, but reworked into widescreen with different variants. At the end, the TVN logo is seen centered into the screen, with multiple blue/yellow circles and a shadowed circle floating around.

Variants: Unknown

Technique: Same techniques as before, again, designed by Velvet Mediendesign.

Audio: Same as before.

5th ID (2013-February 29, 2024)

Visuals: Against a yellow background, the TVN logo emerges in various forms. The animation varies depending on the variant used.

Variants: Unknown

Technique: CGI animation developed by Luxlotusliner.

Audio: A 7-note bell motif, rearranged depending on the variant.

6th ID (March 1, 2024-)

Visuals: The animation style of these idents feature bouncing, reflecting, and overlapping flat balls with dark shading in the style of blue, gold, and orange. The finished product features the 2024 TVN logo, consisting of said name in lowercase, white, and a bolded font, against a dodger blue circle with a blue inner shadow. These idents include:

  • Main ident: It starts on a blue background with an orange ball with an extended right end and a gold circle sliding to the right and bouncing off said portion. As it bounces off, it enlargens and a white ball, which becomes gold when on the blue side of the screen, enters from the right opposite to the size of the growing left ball. The right ball reflects back and enlargens whereas the left ball enters the former circle and becomes orange. After slightly bouncing back and growing in size, the left ball slides to the right, the gold non-inverted ball shrinks in size and positions itself on the left, and they both merge into the TVN logo while the background color changes to orange.
  • Beginning of advertisements: A white ball expands on a gold background and slides to the left while revealing a still from a recent movie in the centre and the TVN logo pops in on the right. The latter makes contact with the middle ball containing the movie still where the final product features the gold ball in a large size containing "Reklama" in white and the TVN logo directly next to it.
  • End of advertisements: The background consists of a shot from a recent movie with the TVN logo on the centre. The latter slides to the left as a gold ball slightly enters the screen from said side. "Reklama" pops in and slides upwards simultaneously. The left-most ball quickly grows in size before covering most of the background in gold, the movie shot within a growing circular mask, and a white ball directly to its left.
  • Ident with tagline: It starts on a blue background with a large white ball in the centre and a smaller circle of the same colours sliding in from the right, making contact with the former object to release the TVN logo out of it. After the TVN logo bounces back and hits the centre ball, the background changes to a half gold-half white background with a circular border for both solid backgrounds where the stacked tagline "to coś, co nas łączy slides on the left of the white portion.
  • Sender's announcement: On a white background, a large gold ball and the TVN logo slide in from both sides of the screen and make contact with each other. When a relatively smaller blue ball on the left side touches the gold circle, "Ogłoszenie nadawcy" pops in within the latter. Both large balls would slightly slide to the right before the TVN logo pushes them back, removing the text on the gold ball and the blue ball from the screen. In the end, most of the background is covered white, the gold ball had a size growth and the TVN logo is on the centre of the screen.

Technique: 2D computer animation by Superestudio, who also designed the current TVN7 logo, and its' identity, just two years prior.

Audio: An upbeat electronic guitar soundtrack ending with the digital keyboard motif jingle from before. Depending on the ident, there could be an alternate rendition of this soundtrack or solely consist of the jingle.

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