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TV6 was originally scheduled to start as RTL 6 in 1985, but instead took its place on March 1, 1986 as a sort of local French alternative to the American MTV (Music Television). After governmental decisions related to the reallocation of newfound private channels, TV6 shut down on March 1, 1987 and was replaced with Métropole Télévision's M6.

ID (March 1, 1986-March 1, 1987)

Visuals: A blue curtain opens, revealing a dim room with a blue wall and black floor, as well as a lamp and a dog wagging its tail below. A television screen emerges from the bottom of the screen and spins around, displaying static and strange images of "TV6". The TV then rotates around rapidly as a table slides into view and walks around, hoping to catch the TV in time. The TV stops spinning and moves back to the original table spot, with an antenna flying to the side of the screen. Then, the room dims as several squares cross the screen, each in many different colors before zooming back. They all come together to make the TV6 logo, which consists of many geometric shapes in different colors forming "TV6" with the slogan "La plus jeune des télés" ("The youngest of the TVs" in French) in a script font.

Technique: Stop-motion and CGI.

Audio: An ominous soundtrack consisting of strings, drums, and a choir.

Availability: This was one of many different logos made for the channel.

Legacy: It was a staple of 1980's youth culture.

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