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TG4 is an Irish language television channel that started as Teilifís na Gaeltachta, a pirate channel, in 1987. The channel was given a license in 1996, after then, it was known as TnaG (Teilifís na Gaeilge) until 1999, when the channel was rebranded as TG4.

Teilifís na Gaeltachta

Logo (1987)

Visuals: The letters of "TG" made of red squares on top of white pillars that twist in a top down perspective. The text "Teilifís na Gaeltachta" in black and white can be seen at the base of the pillars.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: The single image of the logo is found in a TG4 and RTÉ collaborative Irish language documentary.

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