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TAT Productions (usually shortened to "TATprod" or just "TAT") is an animation studio located in Toulouse, France. Founded in the year 2000 by brothers Éric and Jean-François Tosti and David Alaux, they began by making stop-motion short films and ad campaigns, before moving to CG animation for bigger projects like TV specials. Following the success of their TV series, The Jungle Bunch (Les As de la Jungle), they started developing animated feature films for cinemas (the first of which being The Jungle Bunch Movie), and since 2017 they've released an animated movie in theatres every one or two years, making them one of the biggest independent European studios releasing CG movies on a constant basis.

While they did use several print logos on their website and on other materials throughout their early years, they didn't have an on-screen logo until 2017 with the release of The Jungle Bunch Movie, with their past projects only having a copyright notice on the end credits.

1st Logo (July 26, 2017)

Visuals: It's an in-credit logo, consisting of a green rectangle with the white uppercase letters "TAT" inside it, and the green text "PRODUCTIONS" on the left side. Both the text and the rectangle are slightly tilted.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The closing score.

Availability: While TAT did use it as their main logo on their website around this time, its only on-screen appearance was in the closing credits of their first theatrical film, The Jungle Bunch (Les As de la Jungle). The Jungle Bunch TV show just uses a copyright notice.

2nd Logo (April 3, 2019- )

Visuals: On a black background, there's a lime green square containing the white uppercase word "TAT" inside, that shines.


  • The most common version of this logo is an in-credit, print variant, which usually has the vertical text "PRODUCTIONS" or "STUDIO" alongside the square.
  • A video celebrating the studio's 20th anniversary has the logo zooming in over a black background with a slight brownish tint. The square has a gradient effect, the "TAT" text is transparent and the green text "PRODUCTIONS" is seen below it.
    • At the end of said video, the logo appears smaller over the same background. Now, the square is white and there's also white text that reads "TAT would like to thank its partners who made these 20 years possible!"
  • A demo reel has a white, print version of the logo fading in over a black background.
    • At the end of said reel, that same version of the logo quickly zooms out to the center of the screen, while a white cursive text reading "Créateurs d'histoires" (Creators of stories) is written below it.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A low-pitched whistle, which is a sound effect taken from The Jungle Bunch.

Availability: The on-screen logo debuted on Epic Tails (a.k.a. Argonuts or Pattie et la colère de Poséidon), and was later used for The Jungle Bunch: World Tour. The in-credit variant is seen at the end of all of their movies starting with Terra Willy. Other smaller, non-theatrical projects from the studio keep using just a copyright notice.

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