Synergy Music Corporation

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Logo (Early 2000's)

Visuals: The logo starts off with a black background. Then, multiple squares starts forming as the camera zooms out to reveal the logo. The final logo shows a blue circle with a stylized letter S in it, and has the left piece of blue headphones on top of the circle, with lines on the left side of it, and with a shadow on the bottom. On the right of the symbol is the word "ynergy" in blue, with "music" in black under it. The completed result stays still for a few seconds before fading to black.

Technique: Simple 2D computer animation.

Audio: A synthesized brass fanfare with windchimes that were heard briefly at the end.

Audio Trivia: The audio of this logo is reused in the Synergy Home Entertainment logo.

Availability: Seen on videoke releases on VCD at the time period. [Examples?]

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