Surfing Moose Productions

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Surfing Moose Productions is a production company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Logo (January 2009-?)

Visuals: Fading from the end credits, on a white/blue background with dark blue corners, a symbol consisting of a human-like moose on a surfboard going through several curves, much like waves, is seen with the text "Surfing Moose" in a tall black font, and the cursive blue text "productions" is below it. In front of it is a figure of a pale moose wearing red/white trunks with flower printing on it, riding a yellow surfboard among some water. The entire scene constantly shifts around, causing waves to form and cover the figure as it turns.

Variant: Later episodes give it a slight sepia tint and old-timely film effects, as well as cropping it into a widescreen ratio.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The country song used in the credits.

Availability: Seen only on Headline Country.

Legacy: The moose figure is roughly animated underwater after the wave hits it.

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