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StudioMDHR is an indie video game company founded by the two brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, hence the company's name.

Logo (September 29, 2017-)

Visuals: The sequence starts on a black screen with a grainy film effect, which fades into a scarlet background with a pink-yellow(blue-yellow in the game) 3D effect. Then, four white boxes with a letter that of the same color as the background in each of them. The boxes slide down quickly ('M' slides down, 'D' slides from the right of the screen, 'H' slides from the opposite side to the 'D' box, and 'R' slides north from the screen.). "studio" rises from the box, altogether forming:





  • On The Cuphead Show!, the logo is still on a black background.
  • On pre-release trailers of Cuphead, the logo has no film grain effect or animation, and simply fades in and out.

Technique: Good 2D animation.

Audio: An ominous trumpet fanfare (unlike Gaumont's 6th logo and Difusora), and a "ding" sound when "studio" rises from the boxed letters.

Availability: First seen on Cuphead, with the still version later appearing on The Cuphead Show!.

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