Stereophile in Video

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Logo (1985)

Visuals: Set on a black backdrop, a white, red, and blue circle made up of multiple stars zoom in with a trail effect. The former path leaves the screen while the other two disappear. Simultaneously, an outline of a yellow head with a red smile and wearing green headphones and red shoes zoom in and stops. After the figure's head is colored blue, its left eye blinks several times before stopping. To the left of the head, "Stereo" in an arc zooms out with a trail effect, followed by "phile" on the right. An outlined green semicircle draws over the formed text while the head's headphones blink several times. After a trail effect zooms into the head and four lights appear below the ends of the semicircle, "IN VIDEO" appears below with the same transition and effect as the above text. Said text shines after forming.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: An excerpt of the Remix Fix version of "Catch My Fall" by Billy Idol pitch shifted by +1.5.

Availability: Seen on a VHS of Λάκης και πάσης Ελλάδος.

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