Starplex Cinemas

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Starplex Cinemas was a Dallas-based American movie theater chain which at one point had 34 locations across the United States. On July 14, 2015, it was announced that Starplex would be acquired by AMC Theatres, with many of its locations now operating as AMC Classic as of mid-2017.

1st (known) Logo (Early-Late 1990's)

Visuals: Against a space background, there are the words "Starplex Cinemas" ("Starplex" in purple and "Cinemas" in green) turn toward the audience as a comet flies toward a series of lights above the logo. The comet flashes and a starship emerges from the resulting light and flies down until the comet and logo are no longer visible. The camera zooms in toward the ship as it moves underneath the text "For Your Full Enjoyment of the Show, May We Suggest...". The ship then pivots into hyperspeed before reaching a planet orbited by theater concessions. The words "Visit Our Concession Area" float down and also begin orbiting the planet. The ship then flies behind the planet as the words "Silence During the Feature" slide in just above the planet's surface. The screen then cuts to a black hole with the text "Dispose of Litter Properly" superimposed on top of it. The starship flies across the black hole and narrowly avoids getting sucked in as it begins flying across a series of planets and/or moons. The ship turns on its side to reveal that it is star-shaped and a yellow and purple light flashes from behind it. The ship and light then move to the left of the screen as "Starplex Cinemas" slides back into place. An orange comet flies in underneath, wiping in the text "Our Feature Presentation". The completed logo holds for a few seconds before fading out.

Technique: CGI from Willming Reams Animation.

Audio: A majestic space theme.