St. Clair Vision

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St. Clair Vision is a low-budget DVD label. They've released old TV shows such as The Lucy Show and The Colgate Comedy Hour and other public domain fare on DVD.

Logo (2003?-)

Visuals: On a black background, a huge ray of light briefly overtakes the screen. It pans left to right then dies away, leaving the St. Clair Vision logo in light gray. The logo consists of a fast-forward icon (>>) on the right and next to it are the words "St·CLAIRVISION" with "St·CLAIR" in the University Roman font and "VISION" in a bold Futura font with the "V" larger than the rest of the letters. After the light is gone, the words turn black surrounded by an orange/white aurora. Finally, the byline "A Division of St. Claire Entertainment Group, Inc." appears in a white, condensed Helvetica font.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A loud ethereal synth, then two calm, dreamy synth-bell notes and a calm, soft synth-guitar chord.

Availability: Seen on all DVDs by this company. [Examples?]

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