Spyglass Entertainment/Trailer Variations

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These are the logo variations seen on trailers throughout the years by Spyglass Entertainment.

Out Cold (2001): The scene over the man is the iceberg instead of the ocean.

Underdog (2007): On the TV spot, the man aims his spyglass at a silhouette of Underdog.

Balls of Fury (2007): The logo is a silver print version on red background.

The Ruins (2008): The logo is inchworm-colored and on an underwater background.

On the TV spot, is same variant but is shared with DreamWorks Pictures logo.

Four Christmases (2008): On the TV spot, the logo is red and put on a white background. Also, it's snowing in the logo.

Flash of Genius (2008): The logo is in a chocolate brown color.

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